How to place order on Kayumanis.id?

1. Choose products and add it to cart

2. That products will be automatically on cart, you can continue to shop another products. If you want to see details of your order, click cart that is located on the top right of your screen

3. On the page of order details, make sure the order is correct, click "continue" to proceed to the next step.

4. You will be directed to "sign up" page if you are a new customer. For registered subscribers you only need to login to your account.

5. Continue to checkout and after the order process is completed, you will get confirmation order


Where can I see my order status?

You can see the status of the order in your account. Simply log in and click “your order” to see the status


Can I track my order?

You can track orders by logging into your account within our website. You can also track orders by contacting our Customer Service.



Are there any shipping or another charges?

Our shipping area is all over Indonesia. We do not charge any additional charges outside the shipping cost, as all payments are attached transparently on the invoice page of the order you received.


What is the estimated delivery time?

Products will be sent after the process is completed. Estimated working process is 10-15 working days.


How if the shipping process is delayed?

In some conditions, there may be a possibility of delay in delivery of the product on the day we have agreed. We will not be responsible for any unexpected and out-of-control situations that may result in delays in product delivery. Regarding this delay, we will attempt to provide information to you and discuss alternatives under mutual agreement.


Can I track my order?

You can ask our Customer Service team directly.


What should I check when I get my order?

1. Is there any cracks, blisters, defects, holes, or damaged parts?

2. Is there any defects, untidy parts?



What is Kayumanis policies regarding product return and exchange?

If the condition of the product is not in accordance with your order. Then you can return and exchange of products. Return and exchange should not exceed 30 days from the day we deliver the product.


How to return the product?

To return the product, you may contact our Customer Service contact.


What should I do if the product I receive is damaged?

If the product you received is damaged, please inform our Customer Service team. If a technical malfunction occurs before 30 days after receipt of the product, you should contact us immediately for further processing. If the product can be repaired, then we can fix it with free of charge to you.